On-Demand Patient Sign-Out and Door-to-Door Accompaniment


To enrich people’s lives with safe, on-demand door-to-door accompaniment that is easy to access, available when needed, affordable and that supports independence and privacy.

After helping to pioneer the home care industry in New York City and founding and operating a home care company for 24 years, Emmyco Founder and CEO Shahara Ahmad-Llewellyn embarked on a long and successful new career as a serial entrepreneur. She started, built and sold various businesses. She was so busy in fact that she had to say “no” to a simple request from several friends to sign them out after medical procedures. It made her wonder what she would do if she needed the same favor.


Then, something hit close to home. Her nephew experienced great distress trying to navigate his way to the airport with a back injury and two small children after visiting her in New York City. He missed his flight when all he needed was an extra pair of hands — accompaniment and light assistance.


After searching for a solution to this problem that most likely affected thousands if not millions of people, Ms. Ahmad-Llewellyn realized that nothing existed. There was no service to accompany someone to or from a location on a temporary, time-sensitive basis. Soon after this realization, Emmyco was born.


Launched in 2017, Emmyco sends a vetted, trusted person (an emmy) to sign customers out after medical procedures and accompany them door to door to their destinations. Emmyco has your back when you need us.


Emmyco is the fastest-growing on-demand technology company and is making affordable accompaniment service a reality. We bring over 40 years of experience in service excellence to our mission and our culture of caring and connection.